What about some vietnamese?

Although I like to cook and trying out new dishes, I can't particularly say that I'm someone that eats or tries everything. Unfortunately I like to know what I'm going to eat and be on the safe side. You will never find me picking out something from a menu that I don't know or haven't tried out before. Nope.

And what's worse is, that I can't tolerate anything spicy. Even the "mild" versions of the dishes are too spicy for me. Yes, sometimes it's a real bummer. Especially on this part of the world, where you have real Indian, Lebanese, Pakistani, Filipino, Vietnamese, etc. restaurants. When I say real, it's because nowadays you can find this food everywhere. In every major city you'll find small restaurants offering "exotic" dishes. But in a country like the UAE, where the majority of the population are immigrants/expats, especially from those countries, you can find the greatest small eateries where you can try their best dishes for reasonable prices (I mean VERY accessible prices).

One of these places where we like to go from time to time is a Vietnamese restaurant called Hanoi. I remember my first experience there wasn't very successful because of what I mentioned before. Since I had absolutely no idea what to order, of course I ended up getting something that was too spicy. The second time though, I nailed it with my choice and since then I always get the same dish.
I know, it sounds so boring. But it's delicious and at least I know it's something I can enjoy!!!

 This picture actually makes me want to jump into a taxi and go over there for lunch!!
xox, K

An extra pinch of Vietnamese food: I don't know if I would try them myself, but I would buy it solely for the beautiful pictures and any kind of variations of this dish is what I always order!


Weekly RoundUp - My Body is in Pain

Guys...omg...I'm experiencing a whole new level of pain in my body at this very moment while I'm writing this post. Well, if you've every started working out again after a long long time of not doing anything, then you might understand what I'm going through.

The funny thing is though, that it's not like I've not been doing anything, since I practice yoga and do cardio from time to time. But yesterday, I went back to pilates after three years. The class wasn't intense at all and I felt pretty good when I left. But the morning after...god!! I can't breathe normally, because my shoulders and back muscles are sore. Dear pain: please go away!!

Picture via Vintage Wonderlust
This is something a dear friend of mine should read. Are you not a morning person?

The most popular (erotic) search terms per state.

Ever seen chickens dancing?

I know that voice. Will watch for sure.

East meets West.

Kissed by strangers.

Crazy and adorable cartoony street art.

Why do we eat popcorn at the movies?

An extra pinch of pain: made me laugh


A Thought: the 6 Months Anniversary

Two weeks ago we had our 6th month wedding anniversary. If it hadn't been for the small note I had made on my office calendar, I would have forgotten it. My husband? Well...of course he wasn't going to remember. He's not into the whole celebrating every little anniversary.

Did we do anything in the end? Romantic dinner? Flowers? Chocolates? Hm...nope. Should I feel bad about it? I hope not!
At first I was kinda disappointed, but on the other hand, if I knew that nothing was going to come from the other side, I could've organized something myself and I didn't. So after coming home from the office, we just did the usual things we do on a week night: I prepared dinner and we watched The Sopranos (I can´t get enough of this show).

I think there are people/couples that celebrate everything, others that somehow find a balance between what to celebrate and what not, and others that are just not into it at all. I'm not sure yet where we would fit in. I do like celebrating things, but I don't get ll crazy about it. From him, firstly I know that he will probably forget it and secondly, he doesn't like it. Just like he's not a fan of Valentine's Day.
I guess I will figure this out after a few anniversaries.

Do you usually celebrate anniversaries or special occasions? Always or only for the big occasions (i.e. 10 years anniversary)?

I truly admire the women (or sometimes the couples) that plan every occasion thoroughly and celebrate it in unique ways.

 Have a wonderful day!! xox


Happy October!!!

I hope you had a great September and wish you an even better October!! Personally I will be very busy at work, but that's not only for October but until end of the year. Yayyy...(insert sarcastic tone here)

What better than good music to help us go through those busy moments?
Moby is finally back after a two-year album hiatus with this song. I can't stop listening to it, I'm loving it.

xoxo, K