A Thought: the 6 Months Anniversary

Two weeks ago we had our 6th month wedding anniversary. If it hadn't been for the small note I had made on my office calendar, I would have forgotten it. My husband? Well...of course he wasn't going to remember. He's not into the whole celebrating every little anniversary.

Did we do anything in the end? Romantic dinner? Flowers? Chocolates? Hm...nope. Should I feel bad about it? I hope not!
At first I was kinda disappointed, but on the other hand, if I knew that nothing was going to come from the other side, I could've organized something myself and I didn't. So after coming home from the office, we just did the usual things we do on a week night: I prepared dinner and we watched The Sopranos (I can´t get enough of this show).

I think there are people/couples that celebrate everything, others that somehow find a balance between what to celebrate and what not, and others that are just not into it at all. I'm not sure yet where we would fit in. I do like celebrating things, but I don't get ll crazy about it. From him, firstly I know that he will probably forget it and secondly, he doesn't like it. Just like he's not a fan of Valentine's Day.
I guess I will figure this out after a few anniversaries.

Do you usually celebrate anniversaries or special occasions? Always or only for the big occasions (i.e. 10 years anniversary)?

I truly admire the women (or sometimes the couples) that plan every occasion thoroughly and celebrate it in unique ways.

 Have a wonderful day!! xox