Monday-Yumday: Pecorino-crusted chicken + Mushroom salad

From my first couple of recipes I tried out here you can tell that I went crazy on Bon Appetit's website.

I remember when downloading this particular recipe and deciding that I wanted to try it out, I wasn't too convinced about it. Not because it was too complicated (because it's completely the opposite), but the chicken with mayonnaise and cheese? I had my doubts. 

The pictures are from the 2nd time I made this dish, because my husband loved it so much that I came back to it the last time I wasn't feeling very creative in the kitchen. This time I made some changes though and adapted it to use some ingredients I had at home.

I hope you enjoy it!!

Pecorino-crusted Chicken and Mushroom Salad
(by Bon Appetit)

#chefK comments:

+ another easy and quick dish
+ the first time I strictly followed all the ingredients, but this time I decided I would replace the parsley for coriander. For someone that isn't a parsley fan, great alternative!
+ if you're not sure about eating raw mushrooms, let me tell you that after 30'+ marinating you wouldn't believe that they're raw
+ despite of doubting the mayo+chicken+cheese mix, when ready there's no trace of the mayonnaise

(-) the first time I prepared the chicken, I had sliced it too thin so that the more I waited for the cheese to get brown, the drier the chicken got
(-) if you have hungry men at home, make more mushrooms. Dry mushroom portions look enough, but once they're humid (=after marinating in liquids) you'll see only half of the portion

Result: Pecorino-crusted chicken with mushroom salad