Weekly RoundUp - #workworkwork

Via Explore Fashion from NatGeo
Tonight I will be leaving again but this time for work. It's been hectic and I probably won't be able to post during next week, but I will do my best. You know...work is work.

And no, I'm not flying to NYC for FW. My destination is Europe, again!

Have a great weekend!! See you soon :)

There's something about macro photography that I admire.

Truffle hunting has gone to the dogs.

We have grumpy car, lil bub and now apparently we also have the disappointed cat.

Best booth idea I've seen so far.

Mustache facts.

Tiny hats for cats.

Top 10 dishes in Seoul (via VSL).

Still smiling.

Men do Makeup: hilarious.

How to be a New Yorker tips.

What do flowers symbolise.

An extra pinch of nasty food: beware of the top 30 worst foods in the US.