Weekly RoundUp - #weekendreads

Although I'm no Anna Wintour or Anna Dello Russo, during the past weeks I've been following the latest presentations or shows of the big fashion houses. Starting in New York, then London and later in Milan, Fashion Week has finally made it to its last destination and personally, the most important of them all: Paris.
The picture below is part of the history of fashion week and even if you're not that into fashion, you might find it interesting to read this piece about how it used to be back then, when it all started.

This weekend we will probably run a few errands, but not much more. Although, you never know what the days bring and maybe something else might come up :)

Have a great weekend!! xoxo

When it comes to fashion and street style blogs, I know them all and I almost follow them all. Now the ones with kids I don't understand, but this one is wonderful!

Freedom's ring.

I bet you had at least one of these! I had the StarTAC but wanted a Nokia so bad!!!

Attach your memory to a place. Not bad.

Hermes, this vs. mass production.

Who doesn't like Google's doodles? I think you always learn something with them or at least refresh your memory.

The type fight - for designers.

Generation Y Yuppies

I have to start memorising these to fill the silence.