Lost in thought: Analog Photography

So this is what happened:
Two days ago as I was making my daily blog rounds, when I suddenly came across this one post with pictures that had been taken with an analog camera. It then hit me for the first time in years. We are so immersed in this world that's becoming more digital by the hour, that we forget that old things also have their beauty.
I was amazed by the quality of these film pictures. Both the digital and analog where extraordinary, but after so many years of only seeing digital (mostly on a screen, because let's face it...how many pictures have you printed out and put in albums in the last few years? yes, I thought so too) I was blown away by the quality, the retro-flair and the fact of having a hard copy on my hand.

Since then (that means, these past two days and probably today as well) I've been reading and reading about the pros and cons, the costs, the best cameras, etc. You know, the thorough investigation you make when you want to buy electronic devices.

My mother is an amateur gone semi-pro photographer that has been shooting B&W with her analog camera and developing her own pictures. As almost everyone nowadays, she also owns a digital camera (DSLR) and goes crazy while traveling or on holidays. Like the rest of us, she then comes home with thousands of pictures that have to be filtered, deleted or slightly improved. Of course it's very easy to share them with the world and you have a big list of other benefits that have come with digital cameras.
But then you always have to make sure to have a back-up, because we've all already experienced that moment where our computer all of a sudden decides it's a good moment to stop working. Wonderful times!!

I have a digital camera, that at first accompanied me everywhere. But now, my iPhone has become my best friend when it comes to taking pictures. The other one is too heavy to carry around every time (and it's not even a DSLR).
What to do...I'm really tempted. I would have to take out all of my notes from the photography seminar I took a while ago, because analog means manual. But this means taking photography more as an art and in another pace, instead of shooting 300 pictures a day. And I would only use it for special occasions that I consider worth of having on paper and with that quality (so that I won't end up broke after a few months).

What do you think? Do you have one? Do you know someone who shoots analog?

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Thoughts swirling around in my head...