Currently Craving: Ballerinas & Slippers Edition

If we would have met a few years ago, you would have seen this girl that would wear stilettos almost for every occasion. I would wear them for work, walk fifteen blocks in them without complaining. I was almost a Carrie Bradshaw running around in them. I would dance five hours straight on weddings or clubs and make it home without my feet in pain. I could've actually jogged in heels. 
I'm actually not kidding if I say I was a pro.

But since I moved to the UAE, where almost every woman wears heels that are actually closer to being stilts, I changed groups and ditched the heels (completely). I used to wear them when we went out, but in the past few months we've been enjoying our new place and haven't gone out that much. So what happened? Don't laugh...
On my first day at work, I went in my heels to show confidence and you know...look professional. Ten minutes later, I was already regretting it. The thing is, our office's floor (it's similar to parquet) is extremely loud when walking on it, especially with heels. That day, everybody in the office could hear my every move. It was almost embarrassing. And I'm not the only one...a few weeks ago, this new colleague started and I observed her walking in her heels through the office. You could see her trying to avoid the "clak clak clak" of her steps. But unfortunately there's nothing we can do against that floor except for switching to flats.

That's the real story behind my ever growing love for ballerinas, slippers, loafers, etc. And these are the ones that I would love to wear to work everyday. Well, maybe all except no. 4...I'd leave those for the weekends. I was about to try them on during my last Europe trip, but I walked away of them because after that Saint Laurent tote I had to take a break. 
1. Kitty embroidered velvet slippers, Charlotte Olympia / 2. Varina show leather and suede ballerinas, Salvatore Ferragamo / 3. 10MM Varina suede flats, Salvatore Ferragamo / 4. Crest embellished velvet smoking slippers, Miu Miu / 5. Bow patent leather ballerina flats, Red Valentino

An extra pinch of heels: remember the armadillo?