No Weekly RoundUp this week - #sorry

On my last Weekly RoundUp post I had mentioned I was going on a business trip to Europe.
I arrived a few days ago, but I didn't have any time to relax because I had to go back to the office. I must say, the week wasn't as stressful as it could have been, but I'm physically exhausted. Don't you have those weeks where you can sleep as much as you like but still feel tired?
I'm so glad that the weekend already started for us. Although now that I think about it, I've been cleaning, cleaning and cleaning...
Before leaving I made sure to leave everything like new, so that my little baby (aka my husband) wouldn't have to touch or do anything (which he wouldn't have done anyway). Even though according to him he did do some cleaning last weekend, you can imagine how everything looks after two weeks of nothing. I will need a weekend after this weekend to recover.

The only moment I will have to relax will be in front of our TV, while watching The Sopranos. I know...you're probably thinking "Whaaat? Did she say Sopranos?". Yes, my husband had already watched this great show, but I didn't. I was very surprised when he agreed without any hesitation to watch it all over again with me. And now we're hooked up...it's the only thing we watch, there's no time to lose.

Have you watched it? Do you like movies, series or novels that revolve around the criminal organization or Italian mafia?

Here I leave you with the amazing opening song of the show: "Woke up this morning" by Alabama 3.

I'm sorry for completely changing the subject. But I feel like I haven't landed yet and need a few more days to put everything in order. Then I'll be back with the usual posts...

Another pinch of mafia: this is the other show we are watching and that just started its fourth season. So excited!!!