Mine: Sac de Jour, Saint Laurent

During the past months I had been dreaming about getting the Saint Laurent Cabas Chyc Tote, which I had already tried a couple of times in Dubai. I loved it and the fact that even my husband liked it made me love it and wanting it even more. The only downside in my eyes: the big Y.
Of course I didn't question this when I got the belt with the big H, but I have to admit that I sometimes want to cover it. I don't regret my purchase, but when it comes to brands and the display of their logos on the goods, I prefer the motto: the smaller, the better.

But there was something else during this whole craving process. While I was trying on this bag, I had already set my eye on a new tote: the Sac de Jour. I was actually considering going bankrupt and buying one and then the other. Nonsense.

During this last trip to Germany, while we were window-shopping (sometimes without the "window") we had to make a mandatory stop at this department store that had both totes on display. We checked everything out, I wasn't sure about it (should I? shouldn't I wait a few months?...). So what happened? Again my husband jumped in and said "get it now". And he was right. How many times did it happen that I left an item for the next time and when I came back, it was sold out, didn't have my size or color I wanted. I know, I wasn't in Zara or Mango, these purses don't just disappear, but still...maybe next time I didn't have the time (or money).

So I got it...and I couldn't be happier. I find the model extremely classic and suitable for the office, which is the main reason I bought it.

My precious
What do you think: yay or nay?

PS: What YSL? It's Saint Laurent Paris.

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