Weekly RoundUp - #helloweekend

As some of you may know, here in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) as well as in other Arab countries, the week goes from Sunday to Thursday - which means that our weekends are on Friday and Saturday.
Yes, it took me a few months to get used to it. 
The funny thing is that on Fridays I feel great knowing that all of my friends back in the Western countries still have a whole working day ahead of them - but on Sundays it's not that fun anymore, because while I'm sitting in the office working, I: a) receive all the Whatsapp group messages of my friends while they're partying and b) turn on my favourite radio station in Argentina and have 4 hours non-stop party music. On the bright side, it really gets you going on that first week day.

Having said that, every Thursday or Friday (depending on my schedule) I will be posting a list of random interesting, funny, cute, must-see, outrageous, etc. posts from all over the world that I've come across with the past week.

What better than getting to the office on a Friday morning and knowing that you have something else to check out apart from your E-Mails and favourite newspapers/websites.

Have a great weekend!!

When someone breaks character on screen, don't you just start laughing with them?

These pictogram men also got lucky this summer.

Would you ask your boyfriend/husband to do your makeup? Mm...nope.

In a few years I'll share mine.

Are you smarter than an eight grader in 1912? Deplorably failed.

The strangest installations and art projects on earth.

Call me flower engineer.

What you watch and what you do in bed are worlds apart.

He stars in hundreds of memes. Of course he would have a twitter account.

Have you read this book? Would you recommend it? The title just cracks me up.

So heartbreaking and wonderful at the same time.

An amazing initiative!

Until two weeks ago I had never seen a Star Wars movie. My husband wouldn't take a "no" for an answer, so I agreed on watching them. We haven't finished yet, but I couldn't have found this with a better timing.

This Multicolr Search Lab ended up to be very addictive.

An extra pinch of SNL: we will miss you Stefon!