Weekly RoundUp - #finally!

Via Welcome to the Fair from The Big Picture (check it out)

Why are there working weeks that seem endless and others that are completely the opposite? I suppose it's the adjustment of going from 6 to 9 working hours, because this week felt like it would never end.
During the last month, 1pm meant only two more hours. Now, 1pm means...four long hours. We people get used to the good things too quickly...

I hope you have a great weekend!!

It's nap time!

Everyday objects transformed into unlikely ones.

Don't we all feel safer than average.

If Disney princesses had Instagram. So true.

Hot-Dog legs.

The kindly Brontosaurus: I have to try this out!

Made me laugh.

Since when is it cool to always be busy?

Gorgeous pumps.

I have to admit, I'm no. 13.


Such a cute and strange video at the same time. Please love him (or his dad).

McDonald's of Piazza di Spagna. An interesting point of view!

Make art, not memes.

Waiters grinding the pepper for you (make sure to watch the SNL video at the end - if you can't watch Hulu from your location, you may watch it here).

An extra pinch: me during school. Can you relate?