Weekly RoundUp - #thiswasfast

Via Creatures great and small from The Big Picture
You might wonder why I picked up these adorable mini pigs for my front picture. Not because I like them that much, but because this is the perfect example of a picture where my husband would look at me and start laughing while pointing both at the picture and at me.
He always does that. And I usually laugh. Because it's kind of funny.
Of course he always makes sure to pick out the most funny, weirder, older, etc. looking creature or person that's being displayed.
I know that some women would not be amused by these kind of jokes. But as long as they don't hurt your feelings and get personal, it's always better (and healthier) to just laugh along.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Who doesn't like a broo-sket-tuh?

These kindergarteners are adorable!

These are some strange beaches.

Still laughing.

I love doing sobremesa.

This might come in handy one day: erasing yourself from the Internet.


I never tried recipes coming from an app, but this one does actually sound good (via VSL)

How cute and extremely annoying are these deers?

Middle Eastern photographers.

Loading a cat and buffering a song.

The naked truth.

Baby ostriches dancing around.

Applies for US only (via VSL)

How come I didn't think of this before?

An extra pinch of airport: this is great.