Weekly RoundUp - #welcomeback

Yesterday we came back from our little trip to Germany. We went from one city to another to meet with family and friends, shop, eat...and yes, mainly eat.
Throughout the last years I've come to realize that our trips shifted from discovering the cities and being a typical tourist (you know, backpacking style and running around with the camera), to exclusively checking out the best areas to shop and spending more and more time in nice caf├ęs and restaurants.

But now, the holy month of Ramadan has come to an end, which also means that the short working days are over and the work starts looming on the horizon.

Luckily for us, weekend has already started and I'm sure I'll spend mine getting as much sleep as possible!!


What Woody Allen has learned.

A quick history/geography refresh.

Are you a soul & funk lover? You'll love this site (via VSL).

The word "abandoned" usually creeps me out. I wouldn't dare to visit some of them, but I admit they're beautiful from my laptop :)

Watched this documentary yesterday. So moving!

Want to eat them all.

Hello adulthood.

An extra pinch of history: the entire history of the world in one single chart and these amazing podcasts that are worth listening to.