Monday-Yumday: Hearts of palm and avocado salad

When I came across this recipe, I knew it was going to taste like heaven.
But you know...I was wrong. This salad was so much more than heaven!!! Take your favourite ingredients and put them together...that's what this salad was for me.

When my husband saw the hearts of palm, he looked at me with skepticism because according to him, even though he had never tried them, he was 100% sure he wouldn't like them.
Who doesn't like hearts of palm. I know, a lot of people...but still, who doesn't like them?! Even though they're not considered as one, for me they're a delicacy.

As in most of my cooking, I tend to adapt the recipes with the ingredients I have in the kitchen or the ones I could get at the grocery store. Or just leave out the ones I don't like (yes, it's that easy).

Hearts of Palm and Avocado Salad
(by Food and Wine)

#chefK comments:

+ well, being a huge fan of all ingredients makes it very easy to speak positively about this dish. But as objective as I can be, let me tell you, this is an amazing and fresh salad
+ regardless of the vegetables, the lime in the dressing makes all the difference in the flavour. If you would change it, it wouldn't be the same
+ instead of parsley, try coriander. Best decision ever!! (although I have to admit I mixed up the parsley with the coriander and that's how I made this discovery)
+ easy and fast
+ it tastes like South America, double-like!!!

(-) even though it's a salad, it's a heavy dish. This is great for +4 servings

An extra pinch of palms: these palm smacks and now that I found this recipe, I can't wait to try it out.