Weekly RoundUp - #helloEurope

Good morning!!

I know this is not a good move if you've just started to blog, but today we're leaving for a very short trip to Europe. That means I decided to reschedule the Weekly RoundUp post for today.
 I will tell you all about our tour next week.

Have an amazing week+weekend!! I know I will :)

An ode to colours and amazing images here and here (via VSL).

Where did France's wine go?

Believe me, you never fall this graciously.

Red Bull always does it better.

Nr. 23 is everything. Happy Birthday!

So me one and a half year ago. I wonder that the graph for "after marriage" would look like.

Important when travelling.

An insider's glimpse of the Tory Burch Fall 2013 show.

Attacking the birds on TV.

I haven't read the books and I won't watch the series. I refuse. I won't become a GoT freak.

A pinch more: tripping over subway stairs - this comment is absolutely right: "Fantastic how many people break into a little sprightly jog after they trip". I actually do the same.