Thoughts: Getting active after office > Yoga Edition

I still remember my school years when everything I would do during and after classes was related to sports. Man, I was so active I can't even believe that I changed so much.
I must admit that sounds worse than it actually is, but there is a slight difference. Then, sports felt like something natural, something that was in me and would always be like that, no matter what.
Wrong, I was so wrong. With 15 you have absolutely no idea how your body, daily schedule and responsibilities change.

First came university, where I still had enough time on my hands to go almost everyday to the gym or running. Then I started with internships after my classes, but somehow I still made it to go and exercise almost every day.
I finally graduated and started working from 7.30 to 17-18 every day. I had to commute back for almost one hour, what meant getting home at around 18.30-19. Sports? What sports? That word had been erased from my vocabulary. There was absolutely no way that I was going to make my days any longer than they already were. No way.

After I think one year of not doing anything (by this I mean jogging once a month), I came to my senses and realized that I couldn't keep up like this. Story made short: I started exercising again, not as much as I once used to, but something.

Then moving to Abu Dhabi came. A city (or country, let's not leave Dubai out) created to do nothing. I mean, you don't walk unless it's in the Mall/supermarket, you drive everywhere - I didn't even know there could be such a sedentary lifestyle. I went almost a year without doing anything.  But let's face it, after the age of 25/26 don't expect everything to just stay there where it is...nope.

So I decided to do something about it and started with yoga. For a former athlete, tennis player and gymnast, I always thought yoga would be too serene and static for my taste and that in order to get hooked it would have to involve some running, jumping...you know, full cardio. Again, I was so wrong.

May I say that yoga might be the reason behind my inner-balance. I'm suddenly not that stressed and worried all the time, I feel more calm and understanding, I definitely feel like something has changed in me. Do I see things from another perspective? Maybe. I think the more negative-me became a bit more positive and optimistic.

Now, every time I speak to people that tell me how their exercise regime is not working for them, I suggest them to at least try yoga. It definitely took me by surprise and the same might happen to you.


via Conscious Connection Magazine

An extra pinch to think about yoga: for gym junkies and this hilarious video about the shortage of yoga pants.

PS: you have no idea how excited I am because yesterday I did my 1st headstand!!